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A Klass ice creams
Plombir 12% fat content
Goat's milk Plombir 18% fat content
Plombir 15% fat content
A Klass ice creams
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For ice cream lovers looking for different flavors, we offer our unusual ice cream varieties consisting of classic, strawberry, kiwi, banana, hazelnut, walnut, chocolate, jam, coffee, caramel and sugar waffle flavors. So what do you think about different ice cream flavors?
Which is more profitable: import or production? One of the reasons why some ice cream prices are high is that they are imported to Azerbaijan. Import increases the cost of the product. After all, our country has all the conditions for this! Therefore, local products are of better quality and more affordable.
Since calcium and phosphorus in ice cream are essential elements for bones, this product is very rich and beneficial. There is no harm in ice cream produced and stored in healthy conditions, on the contrary, food experts recommend that ice cream be consumed even in winter.
Delicious taste
In these days when the weather is slowly warming up, there is not much that can replace the ice cream that we crave more. A Klass ice creams will help you feel refreshed on hot summer days with its delicious and very different flavored ice cream varieties.