"A.Y.S-60" LLC has been operating since 2014. Its main field of activity is the production and sale of ice cream under the brand "A Klass". Despite being a relatively new brand in the country's ice cream industry, "A Klass" ice creams, which have managed to satisfy consumers in a short time, appeal to all tastes and palates with our colorful varieties. Our main goal is to provide quality food products to our people. The basis of our success is the quality of the products we produce and we are proud of it.

We use high quality raw materials in the production process. Before raw materials are used, analyzes and controls are carried out meticulously in our laboratory operating within our company.

The company, which has a production facility equipped with equipment that meets the modern technological requirements for the production and sale of ice cream, has a wide sales network covering the city of Baku and the regions of the Republic.